Creative designs, the ChatGPT neural network, no bans, cheap tests — why you should promote offers with PWA apps in 2023

PWA apps began to grow in popularity back in 2021, but they were always only used as an alternative to webview Android apps. Especially when Google would go on a rampage and delete over 1,000 webview apps from its store at a time...

But what if PWA apps could be a standalone tool instead of just a replacement? Don’t think we’ll be trying to convince you to forgot your usual traffic-driving strategies. Instead, we’re offering an interesting option for cheap and quick tests. And want to say that with our PWA builder, you’ll be able to not only avoid constant bans, but also scale your advertising companies and squeeze the most profit out of your bundles.

Android is still alive? — Always! Mini-review of the market

We’ll start with some boring data but, as you’re well aware, they are an integral part of driving traffic and making money. It’s no secret that when it comes to the overall number of devices, Android has at least a 3x lead over iOS. According to Statсounter, as of May 2022, Android takes up 71.4% of the market, leaving only 27.85% to iOS. The remaining crumbs are picked up by other operating systems, including Samsung, KaiOS, Windows and others.

Statсounter statistics on device usage

It’s pretty clear what makes Android so popular: it’s easy to use, there’s a large array of devices to choose from, an affordable price and of course the ability to track data, something iOS has got rid of ever since version 14.5. The source claims that there are over 1.3k companies and brands that manufacture more than 26 thousand devices per year, with their price varying between $50 and $1,000. And there are about 2.8 billion Android users, with that number growing every year. Android has an audience in every country of the world, taking up a considerable share of the market. The number of users in developing regions such as Africa, Asia and South America is growing, too.

If you segment the audience by country, then you’ll see that Android is very popular in countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam. And while Tier 3 countries have a comparatively lower purchasing power due to the lower standards of living and income levels, the large amount of inexpensive traffic they provide and the freshness of their audience is what makes them a prime choice to secure decent profits in.

According to the stats we provided, Android will not only not give any ground, but will continue to get even more popular. The more users, the more new traffic. But how exactly do you work with this traffic and squeeze out the most profit? That’s what we’re here to talk about.

PWA apps — what are they? A detailed breakdown

Let’s first establish the difference between PWA apps and webview Android apps. Webviews are applications that are uploaded to the Google Play Store. PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are a technology that lets users install a website (the advertiser’s offer) on their smartphone just like a regular Google Play app. PWAs are essentially a landing page that perfectly copies the appearance of a Google Play app, but one that doesn’t need to be uploaded to the store. The only way to tell the difference between a PWA and a Webview app is to check the domain.

With that PWA builder, you’ll be able to create apps for literally any vertical: gambling, betting, nutra, etc. And by equipping it with simple-to-use features, you’ll enhance its appearance and CR.

So how does it work? — it’s very simple!
You create a PWA using the builder and use it to launch an ad campaign. A user that stumbles on the ad gets sent to a fake Google Play page that you created. After they install the PWA, they get redirected to the offer page within the PWA. If the user's parameters don’t match the ones you specified (another GEO, desktop, iOS device), they’ll be greeted with just a plain white pade.

Let’s go over the whole thing in detail, using the example of driving traffic to the Ardente offer using a PWA:

PWA installation funnel

“You don’t need to possess dev skills. Any newbie without any tech know-how will be able to make a PWA. And if you do run into trouble, we offer constant support throughout the entire process. We also have lots of manuals and guides for any install situation you might find yourself in” — Artem, owner of PWA.Market

Google Play bans: how purges affect the Android webview app market

Any webmaster who works with Android traffic knows what a mundane occurrence Webview app bans are. Android apps don’t make it past the 2-3 week mark and eventually get banned. Traffic flows suffer, as does the webmaster and our entire community...

But even here, there are different kinds of bans. The first is what we call permanent. It’s when an Android app gets banned for standard reasons: reports, cloaking, mods discovering the offer instead of being shown the white-hat disguise, etc. The webmaster buys a new one and launches the campaign all over again. But the most dreaded ban, a rainy day for both webmasters and devs, is Google Play’s mass purges. This is when the store gets rid of a large number of apps within the same day (or usually, night). Bans like these are handed out relatively rarely, once every 2-3 months. But that’s not all... After all these purges many apps fail to re-pass moderation. The market’s been noticing that trend for some time now. And only thanks to testing out new approaches has the situation been able to stabilize. Webmasters once again have the ability to drive traffic using Webview apps.
Plenty of effort, time and money is spent every time to identify these workarounds, test out new bundles and launch campaigns. But with PWA builders you can forget about purges and bans, as well as quickly and cheaply scale new bundles and approaches. It’s impossible to ban PWAs since they don’t get uploaded to Google Play. You don’t need to wait for the app to pass moderation, you can drive traffic through it immediately after creating it. You can also edit the design or administer any other changes in real time. The PWA will update as soon as you save the changes made.

What other advantages do PWAs have? We can’t know what other services offer but we sure can explain the bonus features our PWA.Market builder has.

PWA builder advantages

One of the main benefits we mentioned is that PWAs don’t need to be uploaded to Google Play. But we still have a lot of trump cards up our sleeve, so let’s move on to them.

A domain is your PWA’s unique address. Our service lets you use your own domains or make use of ready-made ones. A mirror domain is an additional domain that can be added to a PWA. This feature allows you to launch many ACs at once from different profiles all while using a single PWA. And should you run into a ban, which happens extremely rarely, just go ahead and re-launch everything to a new mirror.
2. Designing PWA apps

While it’s best to avoid aggressive designs when using Webview apps, since there’s a high chance of getting banned, here, the only limit to your design is your own imagination. Everything you need to avoid with Webviews can be realized using PWAs. You can upload your own design to the builder or use one of our’s.
“The service boasts over 100 diverse customized solutions for every taste and source. In fact, one of the main advantages of PWAs is the ability to use a design as aggressive as you feel like” – Nikolai, PWA.Market Project Manager
You also get the:
– Ability to to choose from a large database of designs;
– Ability to upload your own design;
– Ability to parse the design of any application from Google Play in 1 click;
– Ability to add a YouTube video to your PWA landing page.

Here are some examples of PWA designs from our database:

A gambling PWA design

A betting PWA design

A gambling PWA design

A financial PWA design

We’ve developed a convenient way to preview designs. At step 2 of choosing a design, you can check how the user will see your PWA. We added sections for specific verticals and a convenient real time view feature.

PWA design preview

3. Built-in cloaking and white page generator

The built-in cloaking lets you not worry about passing moderation. It filters out mods and bots, while showing target users the PWA page. The white page generator, as the name implies, in 1 click creates a white-hat landing for mods and bots. Just leave a link leading to any white-hat app on Google Play.

Adspect is the one providing the cloaking and white page generator to our service. Thanks to an up-to-date database of mods, constant template updates and vpn/proxies, moderators won’t be able to catch on, meaning your ACs won’t have any trouble passing moderation.

Not too long ago we expanded the Wordpress themes for choosing white pages and added a new free viewing feature, which lets you see in real time how your white page will appear for the person and re-generate it if need be.

White page example #1

White page example #2

White page preview

4. Built-in ChatGPT for creating descriptions and comments for PWA apps

As for this part, we decided to take it one step further and make it entirely automatic. During step 3, when creating the parameters, within 15 seconds an AI will generate a description and comments for your PWA. You just need to select a description or comment category, wait a bit and the neural network will do everything for you.

Creating a PWA description using ChatGPT

5. Smart push-notifications

Push notifications are one of the most vital stages of a funnel when driving traffic. The affiliate loses most of their audience between the installation and deposit steps, which is why push notifications are a great way to remind the person. What are the advantages of our push notifications?

— The push notifications are flexibly set up for your purposes;
— Set up your notifications according to a timetable or based on conversion actions: after the app is installed, the user registers or makes a deposit, when the person is exceptionally disposed towards the app;
— A built-in Standard push notifications feature;
— Standard notifications that are already set up and have been translated into 9 languages;
— Push notification import.

This feature will let you import the most converting push notifications from one PWA to another. Push-notifications are installed at the browser level, meaning the user will get your notifications even after they delete the app. This may result in a reinstalling.

Push-notifications example

6. Detailed statistics in your profile

In order to analyze your ad campaigns in detail, and to scale successful ones, you should have detailed statistics in your personal account. There you will find all the stats for each PWA:

— Uniqueness;
— Hits;
— Installs;
— Push notification confirmations;
— CR% unique/install;
— CR% unique/push;
— CR% install/push;
— PWA logins;
— Redirects;
— Reg/Dep.

Profile statistics

Pricing policy

“PWA is a great tool to test out your bundles. Why? Because it’s cheaper than prepping a good hookah” — Yury, PWA.Market Head of Sales
While the average Webview app costs around $650, PWAs are 30 times cheaper. Our service offers multiple tariff plans, with various amounts of PWAs. The smallest being Trial costing $20, which includes one PWA. This will be a great option for people who haven’t yet worked with PWAs and would like to just test them out.

PWA.Market tariff plan list

Review for 2022

According to feedback from our users, the average ROI for PWAs in 2022 was 70%. The most popular traffic sources are Facebook* 50% and TikTok 45%, with the other 5% being push networks and other sources. As for Android as a whole, some traffic changes took place here. While in 2021 there were only Facebook and TikTok, in 2022, FB and TT had to share the spotlight with push and teaser networks. But the bulk of the traffic in 2023 still comes from Facebook and TikTok.

As for popular GEOs, there are 6 top-dog players here – Brazil, Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The most popular offers — Brazino and Ice cazino.
"Every month, in our Telegram channel, we share the most popular GEOs, launch tips, new designs for various events and relevant news. Don’t forget to subscribe!" — Alina, SMM Manager PWA.Market

Growth trends for 2023

Let’s go over the growth of PWA builders over the years:

2021 — PWA builders emerge, no one knows what they are and what PWAs are for. Maybe as an alternative or when your Webview gets banned or smth...

2022 — PWAs become popular, builders start offering more features, setting up a PWA becomes simpler and faster, people use the service for quick tests and scaling purposes. Builders are no longer just an alternative...

What about 2023? Android apps are still a good traffic model that has its strengths and weaknesses. Most of the gambling and betting traffic is generated, in fact, by native apps, even though the ROI in 2021-2022 wasn’t as impressive as 2 years prior. As for PWAs, this area is bound to only grow larger and maybe even become the leader in terms of traffic volumes, since more and more affiliates prioritize stability and simplicity when it comes to driving traffic. In late 2022, PWAs proved themselves to be not just a backup in case of a Webview app ban, but also as a full-fledged independent tool that lets you conduct quick tests and scale your operation.
Who are PWAs suitable for? — everyone!
— For newbies who are only starting out in affiliate marketing and are learning the ropes of driving Android traffic.
— For seasoned pros who need to conduct tests of ready-made bundles, since PWAs make that a quick and cheap task.
— For anyone who prefers working with stable apps that won’t get banned in a couple of weeks.

As of 2023, PWАs are developing into an independent tool that isn’t just an alternative or backup for Webview. It’s now catching up and taking the lead when it comes to securing quality traffic and scaling it.
“As for our services, we’ll keep adding new features and incorporating neural networks to save our clients’ time and make working easier for them. Continuing to make the builder more convenient and comfortable is our goal for 2023, and we’re doing a fine job at it.” — Matvey, PWA.Market COO


PWAs are a cool, standalone tool that can help you quickly test out theories, scale your ad campaigns well, and get creative with driving traffic by choosing the most aggressive designs you can think of. PWAs aren’t a replacement for Android webview apps, but rather a good, high-quality addition to help scale your operations.
Get in touch with our support or manager if you have any more questions about driving traffic through PWA applications.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel and familiarize yourself with life hacks and tips regarding driving traffic to PWAs.