$28 900 on TikTok through PWA apps

Are you curious about making $28 900 on PWA applications too? Excellent! We have prepared this case study especially for you.

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a technology which allows you to install a website (advertiser's offer) on your phone as a mobile app. PWA apps are very similar to webview apps on Google Play, but they are not uploaded to the mobile app store, do not get banned by Facebook and TikTok, can be edited in real time and their design can be the brightest and most eye-catching.

In this case study we will show you data from the sending traffic to Gambling on the Favbet offer. We do hope the information will be useful. Pleasant reading to everyone!

Case Study

Source: TikTok
GEO: Romania
Offer: Favbet
Offer type: Public
Payment Model: CPA
Rate: $85
Period: 01.10.22 - 23.10.22
Spent: $11 100
Received: $28 900
ROI: ~160%

Total results

Clicks: 21 406
Installations: 6 570
Registrations: 2 350
Deposits: 340
In PWA.Market you can create absolutely any design, thus we went all-in and designed our app directly in the style of the Favbet offer. The PWA app is not downloadable to Google Play, hence there are no design restrictions.

PWA application for the Favbet offer

We have firstly directed the user to an interactive pre-landing where he could be able to win a guaranteed prize before opening the PWA application. For this case study, we chose the "Lottery" pre-landing type.

Interactive "Lottery" pre-landing type

At the same time, we directed all the moderators to a Candy Crush Soda Saga white page. The white page itself was designed in a casual style.

Candy Crush Soda Saga white page

Concerning the approach itself. We uploaded with the warm-up of 25-50 USD per account. During the warming-up we put very light ad creatives. Typically, they were live videos with text appeals without mentioning the casino, refills and other aggressive words. We received 1-3 installs a day from such ad creatives. We did warm-up with the PWA link in pause mode. After spending 25-50 USD we changed ad creative from lite to aggressive. Aggressive creative passed the moderation either immediately or after 1-2 attempts by enumeration.

Preview of the light creative for warming-up

Preview of the aggressive ad creative with gamification and winning

In addition to all of the above, we "pressed" the users with push notifications. We selected the English/Any mode in the settings through which all push notifications are tailored to the language of the browser.

Example of push-notifications

We started to launch many PWA applications simultaneously, so the final statistics turned out to be quite significant. Below you will find internal statistics from the service and statistics from affiliate networks.

Internal statistics of PWA.Market

Affiliate network’s statistic


Sending traffic through PWA applications exactly differs from sending traffic through classic webview Android apps. PWA apps are not uploaded to Google Play, cannot be banned by TikTok or Facebook, can be edited in real time and the design can be the brightest and most eye-catching. Test the bunch along with our PWA.Market service and get maximum profit on Gambling.
Get in touch with our support or manager if you have some more questions about sending traffic through PWA applications.